Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is the most common injury that service members experience in the combat settings of Iraq and Afghanistan, especially in those sustaining multiple exposures. The mechanisms of injury included blasts or explosions, falls, motor vehicle accidents, and fragment, shrapnel, and bullet wounds.  In one survey of more than 2000 army infantry soldiers, performed three to four months after their return from a one-year deployment in Iraq, 5 percent reported injuries with loss of consciousness and 10 percent reported injuries with altered consciousness.

Past treatment options for TBI have been limited to surgery, counseling, and prescription drugs.  Now, medical advances in stem cell therapy are offering new hope. TBI injuries are being healed. 

The mission of Time for a Hero is to help veterans receive regenerative treatment  - at no cost to the veteran. If you are a veteran seeking support for TBI treatment,  or if you’d like to make a referral, Time for a Hero would like to hear from you.