Regenerative Medicine is the Future.

With over 370,000+ veterans that suffer from traumatic brain injuries and chronic pain,

we intend to help them heal.

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“In a firefight, all the participants have a TBI within the first 15 minutes.”

- Dr. Matt Steibel, Okyanos Center for Regenerative Medicine.

Blast exposures from heavy gunfire, IEDs, land mines, mortar rounds, rocket-propelled grenades, and other combat related activities, put our military service members at increased risk for traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Past treatment options for TBI have been limited to surgery, counseling, and prescription drugs.

Now, medical advances in stem cell therapy are offering new hope. TBI injuries are being healed.

Photo By: Lance Cpl. Zachery Laning

Photo By: Lance Cpl. Zachery Laning

This is what we do.


1. Identify SOF Veterans in Need

If you are a SOF veteran or referring physician seeking support for TBI treatment, we’d like to talk with you.


2. Treat them In world-Class clinics

We work with doctors who are successfully treating TBI using stem cells - and they are committed to this cause.


3. cover the cost

Our goal is to help it all come together, including underwriting treatment expenses. Average cost per case is over $30,000.

”The effects are devastating. People want us to all have perfect, fairytale lives when we come home. A TBI guarantees that won’t happen.”

- Special Operations Veteran

Since 2006, blast exposures have been the most common cause of injury among American soldiers treated at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

New advancements in TBI-targeted stem cell therapies are producing amazing results, but access to treatment can be difficult and cost prohibitive. 


Learn more about the treatment, Partners, and research supporting TBI-targeted stem cell therapy.

TBI Treatment Protocol

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